Almost all sites use cookies, but the EU introduced a law in 2011 to say that website owners should make their use of cookies known to website visitors.This page  provides useful information on the overall subject of cookies (no link between Fronhaul Devil’s Bridge and John Lewis is implied!).The Fronhaul website uses cookies to speed up your browsing by remembering which pages you have already looked at so that they don’t have to be fetched the website again during this visit.It also use cookies to record what pages are popular on the site in order to help us to understand what  customers are most interested in, so that we can develop our offer and website accordingly. However, please be assured that we cannot retrieve information that would identify you personally. The only time wehold information about you electronically is when you make an enquiry, in which case I keep your contact details for a suitable period of time. If you go on to make a reservation then we keep your reservation form on file for our financial and insurance records.